Vital Hazardous Waste Management & Safety Training

B & B Environmental Safety, Incorporated in Lathrop, California, offers vital hazardous waste management services. Our safety training provides a wealth of information to keep facilities protected.

Hazardous Waste Management

For generators of radioactive, mixed, and hazardous wastes, we offer hassle-free services to completely manage any number of waste streams, including disposal, decontamination, facility management oversight, and full support. Our clients are assured that their wastes will be disposed of appropriately following federal, state, and local guidelines.

Radiation Risk - Hazardous Waste Management

Safety Training

Our instructors are accomplished presenters in both military and commercial scenarios, and are adept at interpretation of regulations and how to relate to individual compliance programs. We offer a variety of training programs, including:

  •  Annual Radiation Worker Safety
  •  Transportation of Radioactive Materials
  •  CPR & First-Aid
  •  Emergency Response Development
  •  HAZWOPER Instruction

Waste Recycling

As a society, we all end up generating universal, electronic, and non-hazardous waste that legally cannot be thrown away with typical garbage. To avoid violations that may result in fines or even incarceration, we offer services to rid clients of these burdens. If possible and feasible, our company will recycle this waste.

Microbial Services

Our professionals are certified by the National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP), and are thoroughly trained to investigate and test areas that are suspected to be contaminated with fungal colonies. Additionally, we have the ability to promote a healthy working and living environment by remediating any area to remove the existence of mold.

Contact us in Lathrop, California, for safety training and other services that protect our clients.